Who (what...why...) is Copperline Plant Co?

Copperline Plant Co. is what happens when years of plant-nerdage combine with isolation from a global pandemic and the desire to connect with home and with people. 

Since I was a young girl, I have been playing outside in North Carolina. Countless afternoons mucking through creeks and turning over leaves. Plants and the great outdoors have always been a way for me to play and to escape.

Walnut Creek Greenway Trailhead near Downtown Raleigh with two wild deer in the foregroudn

When I graduated from college, I took myself on a Euro-tour where I inadvertently ended up visiting different botanical gardens in each place I went. It was incredible! I got back home to Raleigh and found myself visiting parks and garden centers as a way to connect with my thoughts and to take a proper deep breath. I got a job at a local plant store where I was able to combine my years of customer service with my passion for houseplants. I hauled soil, watered, killed bugs, and sold plants like there was no tomorrow! 

What I loved most about that time was seeing people's eyes when it *clicked*. Not only did they realize that they had the ability to keep a living plant alive, but they could create an environment where it would thrive. The joy I saw when people found the perfect plant for their favorite heirloom pot was unparalleled. I loved being able to help create meaningful spaces where people and plants could co-exist.

This love for people and plants led me to pursue a Masters in Landscape Architecture at NC State. I learned about the fundamentals of design, construction practices, environmental justice, honed my graphic communication skills, and continued to learn as much as I could about plants and planting design. After grad school, I moved to Philly to work and to continue to learn about landscape architecture. About a year into my living in this wonderful city, COVID hit the world by storm. My plants and I were holed up in our Center City apartment with no outdoor space to call our own. I was in a city that I loved, but I felt incredibly far from home. I missed my family, my woods, my creeks, my great outdoors. I, like everyone else, was forced to do a bit of soul-searching and realized that these plants, and the memories associated with them - where they came from, who gave me which clipping, the places they've lived - that is what made it feel like home. I've always known that plants were important me, but putting two-and-two together like this made everything make sense! 

South facing bay window filled with house plants

While walking the dog and singing to myself - as one does - James Taylor's "Copperline" popped into my head. The images of creeks, snakes, campfires, family, and returning home after being away resonated strongly. Copperline Plant Co. is the culmination of years of loving to work with people and plants in order to create meaningful spaces that feel like home. 

I'm so glad you're here and I hope you'll stay a while!



  • Love the store AG! Will keep you in mind for our next plant purchases

  • Welcome back to NC! Do you have a storefront? In Raleigh? Durham? ChHill?
    We have about 5 1/2 acres in Hendersonville that need a design plan. Are you still doing that?
    Congratulations on your new venture!

    Rebecca Schultz

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