Anna Grace helped me find a plant that matched my plant knowledge (minimal), my desire of plant maintenance (again, minimal) and the aesthetic I was looking for (leafy green). She shared important care information without overwhelming me. She gave me tips on how I could incorporate more plants into my home and daily life with minimal effort. So far this guy is thriving!

Emma D.G. | Durham

Anna Grace has been able to diagnose a range of plant issues for me virtually with moredible accuracy. From window placement advice to repotting instructions, [she] has pretty much always had an answer to any plant question I've had. Plus, she’s never made me feel dumb for getting it wrong the first time, is always kind and responsive, and offers solutions that are realistic and affordable.

Emily E. | D.C

Anna Grace is very knowledgeable about plants — she’s my go-to friend to ask about my houseplants. For my fiddle leaf fig, she helped me decide when to repot, what size pot to buy, and the best placement to maximize growth.

Alison G. | Boston

If there was a kennel for plants for people going out of town or an emergency hospital for plants I’d only trust yours.

Natalie S. | Philly

Anna Grace has given me excellent advice for my plant care, especially when I first tried dividing and propagating my plants. She is a kind and generous person who will help you reach your plant goals!

Chris P. | Carrboro