About Copperline Plant Co.

Copperline Plant Co. is the plant store that feels like home. 

About Copperline Plant Co.

Copperline Plant Co. wants to be your home away from home by providing a welcoming environment for customers to explore and learn about the wonderful world of indoor plants. With every interaction, I hope that you step into a world drenched in color, texture and lush-ass-plants. Whether you're a seasoned plant collector or just starting to grow your own, I hope to be your go-to place for all things plants.   

About the Owner

Hi - it's me! Anna Grace - Owner, founder, and self-titled Chief of Plant Happiness! I am a native of Raleigh, North Carolina and a life-long lover of plants. Growing up in NC gave me a deep love and respect for the great outdoors - summers were spent romping through the woods and turning over rocks in the neighborhood creeks.

After attending college in Chapel Hill, I spent a few years working at a local garden center where I managed the greenhouse and shared my knowledge of plant care with anyone who would listen. While it’s safe to say that the “seed” had been planted at a young age, this job allowed the plant-love to fully root and grow!

Anna Grace standing in a local greenhouse holding a plant and looking very happy.
Fast forward a few years and I finished my Master’s of Landscape Architecture at NC State and moved to Philly to work for an incredible firm where I learned even more about design, construction, plants, and people. In Philly, I met some amazing plant-friends (actual humans) and my personal plant collection nearly tripled in size.
Fast forward another few years and COVID entered the scene. Life in the time of COVID was not easy or fun (still isn’t - let’s be real). This period of collective unrest has left a massive wake in it’s path. The monotony of quarantine left me with a feeling I couldn’t shake - I needed to get my hands back into the red-clay soil and play with some plants. 

Copperline Plant Co. feels like home because, for Anna Grace, it is home. I really hope you’ll make yourself comfortable and stay a while.