About Copperline Plant Co.

Copperline Plant Co. is Raleigh's Home for Houseplants.

About Copperline Plant Co.

Located in the heart of Downtown Raleigh, Copperline Plant Co. is Raleigh's Home for Houseplants. Whether you're taking home your first plant or you've been collecting for years, we have something for you! Each time someone walks through our door, the hope is not that you buy something, but that you learn something new. Our team is here to answer your questions, help you with your plants, and make sure you're going home with more confidence to be the best plant person you can be!

Founded by Anna Grace in 2021, Copperline Plant Co. has grown from being a pop-up concept to operating on one of the busiest street corners in Downtown Raleigh.

About the Owner

Photo Courtesy of Molly Williams @solivagant_mrw

Anna Grace is native of Raleigh, North Carolina and a life-long lover of plants. Growing up in NC gave her a deep love and respect for the great outdoors - summers were spent romping through the woods and turning over rocks in the neighborhood creeks.

After attending college in Chapel Hill, she spent a few years working at a local garden center where she managed the greenhouse and shared her knowledge of plant care with anyone who would listen. While it’s safe to say that the “seed” had been planted at a young age, this job allowed the plant-love to fully root and grow!

She completed her Masters of Landscape Architecture at NC State in 2019 and moved to Philadelphia, PA to practice. In Philly, Anna Grace learned even more about design, construction, plants, and people. COVID hit and allowed her to think long and hard about the things that brought her joy - working with plants and people to create spaces that feel like home. 

Copperline Plant Co. feels like home because, for Anna Grace, it is.